Railroad Pioneer

Railroad Pioneer

Experience the Dangers and Challenges of those times and enter...

Experience the Dangers and Challenges of those times and enter one of the biggest Adventures in the history of the Railroad. In Railroad Pioneer you are invited to explore these famous routes step by step.

Learn about the fantastic history of discovering the west of America and see if you have what it takes to be successful. Enjoy the trip!. Features.

Real-time business simulation in complete 3D. Unique mix of exploring, business and transport-management simulation in real-time. Fog-of-war introduced into this genre as an additional element.

Historically correct campaign with 10 story-based missions. Different game modes for long playability. 13 different professions like Pioneer, Trapper etc.

for various explore missions. 25 historically correct locomotives with an individual upgrade system. 22 expandable industries from farms to military industry.

10 different wagon types for transporting of 18 different goods. 5 different landscape settings. Easily accessible game system with strategic development opportunities.

Multiplayer mode via LAN and Internet with up to 4 players. System:Minimum:750 MHz, Pentium‚ III or comparable. Microsoft Windows‚ XP/2000/ME/98.

500 MB of free hard disk space. 128 MB RAM. DirectX‚ 8. 1 compatible sound- and 3D graphic card (32 MB). Recommended:1. 2 GHz Pentium‚ III or comparable.

1 compatible sound and 3D graphic card (64 MB).

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Railroad Pioneer


Railroad Pioneer